7 magnificent wines of the Ilok Cellars won the medals in Zelina!


St. Ivan Zelina has a rich wine tradition because the foundations of modern winemaking have been set there. The first wine exhibition in Zelina is held in 1860 and for the last 49 years Zelina has been a continuous host of the Wine Exhibition of Continental Croatia.

From year to year, the Wine Exhibition is attracting an increasing number of participants, exhibitors, experts and visitors. More than 300 different wine samples were presented in the contest diary this year.

Because of the great importance of the Ilok Cellars in the production of the wines of continental Croatia, this competition is of utmost importance for us.

Our wines in recent years have had great results both at world and domestic competitions. This year, we re-confirmed our 100% performance because every sent sample of marks won the least silver medal.

The wines that will be remembered in Zelina this year are:

  1. Frankovka Rose selected 2016 – 82 points – silver medal
  2. Graševina premium 2016 – 86 points – gold medal
  3. Traminac premium 2016 – 85 points – gold medal
  4. Frankovka premium 2015 – 82 points – silver medal
  5. Chardonnay Principovac 2014 – 88 points – gold medal
  6. Traminer Selective berry harvest 2012 – 91 points – a great gold medal
  7. Traminer Ice wine 2012 – 91 bod – big gold medal

The wines of the Ilok Cellars, apart from the exceptional sorts of features that reflect the microclimate specialties of the appellations Principovac and Vukovo, have the special mark of distinction, a seal of the cellar’s authenticity, and more importantly, there are all created with true vintners love and passion signed by our chief enologist Mrs. Vera Zima.