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Iločki podrumi takes it’s roll of being the most important growing vehicle of Ilok, wine hills of Srmya, (Srijem) and the Croatian Danube wine region in the general mosaic of Croatia as a wine destination; Vina Croatia – Vina Mosaica, very seriously and as a huge responsibility that is why we lead the way with different and many innovative projects.

Already in 1999 we have started to develop our own wine shop network amongst Croatia, and since 2010. we started and finalised the new concept and new key visual identity of our wine shops according to the values of the Brand Iločki podrumi.

The main goals of creating and developing the “wine shop in your neighbourhood!” network and concept under our Brand Iločki podrumi is, beside the availability of high quality wines of the oldest and most awarded wine cellar in Croatia in every bigger city/town in the country, the direct communication with our final consumers, developing awareness of our references and values, social and consumer responsibility by choosing Croatian origin wines as support for the national production, enjoying wines and discovering different varieties and wine styles which characters are defined by the climate, soil, and human, who are producing the grapes on best appellations of the Croatian Danube, and learning about the amazing history that stands behind and the unique contemporary story of Iločki podurmi / Ilok cellars, to create the possibility that all above mentioned values become a part of your everyday choice, that makes you a part of our mission.

Iločki podrumi / Ilok cellars are therefore available on 46 addresses within your neighbourhoods amongst Croatia, you are all welcome! In each of our wine shop you will be kindly served by our sales representatives who will advise you  which wine to choose for which occasion, how to pair the wine with food and will tell you the story of each wine that becomes your final choice!

In every Iločki podrumi /Ilok cellars wine shop we are offering you our wine portfolio in each range.


Vladimira Nazora 1
Tel: 032 524 285

pon-sub 08:00-20:00


Vladimira Nazora 22 (tržnica)
Tel: 020 689 036

pon-pet: 07:00 - 19:00 sub: 07:00 -14:00 ned: 07:00 - 12:00


Šavrova 1

pon-ned 08:00 - 24:00


Veliki kraj 100, Županja 32270
Tel: 032/834045

pon-pet 8:00‐20:00; sub 8:00‐14:00


T.C., Trg Volovčica 0, Zagreb 10000
Tel: 01/2365638

uto-sub 08:00-15:00; ned 8:00‐13:00


Kašinska cesta 38, Sesvete 10360
Tel: 01/2028 949

pon-pet: 7:00-23:00 sub: 8:00-23:00 ned. i praznici: 8:00-22:00


Albrechtova 22, Zagreb 10000
Tel: 01/2303744

pon-pet 13:00‐20:00; sub 8:00‐13:00

Radi samo sezonski


Palit 70, Rab 51280
Tel: 051/777240

pon-sub 8:00‐14:00, 16:00-22:00 ned 8:00‐12:00, 18:00-22:00

Radi samo sezonski


Trg Dr. Franje Tuđmana 1, Petrinja 44250
Tel: 044/813445

pon-pet 8:00‐12:00; 16:00-19:00; sub 9:00‐14:00


Ljudevita Gaja 5, Osijek 31000
Tel: 031/200441

pon-pet 8:00‐16:00; sub 8:00‐14:00


Lomošćanska cesta 19, Ogulin 47300
Tel: 047/642‐296

pon-pet 8:00‐15:00 sub 8:00‐13:00

Novi Vinodolski

Braće Radić 1, Novi Vinodolski 51250
Tel: 051/792306

pon-sub 7:00‐13:00, 16:00-22:00 ned 8:00‐12:00, 18:00-22:00


Kralja Držislava 10, Novalja 53291
Tel: 053/663628

pon-pet 9:00-13:00 19:00-21:00; sub 9:00-13:00 19:00-21:00; ned 9:00-13:00

Radi samo sezonski


Hrvatskih vladara 10, Murter 22243
Tel: 022/436070

pon-ned 8:00‐14:00, 17:00-22:00

Radi samo sezonski


Ulica Kralja Zvonimira 28, Makarska 21300
Tel: 021/674046

pon-pet 8:00‐22:00 sub-ned 8:00‐13:00


Lopar 488, Lopar 51281
Tel: 051/777421

pon, sri, pet 13:00-19:00; uto, čet, sub: 9:00-15:00 ned 9:00-13:00

Radi samo sezonski


Lašćinska cesta 10, Zagreb 10000
Tel: 01/2431990

pon-pet 8:00‐20:00; sub 7:00‐15:00; ned 8:00‐12:00


Lanište 15c, Zagreb 10000
Tel: 01/6141626

pon-pet 8:00‐20:00; sub 8:00‐20:00


Šubićeva 40, Zagreb 10000
Tel: 01/4651615

pon-pet 8:00‐15:00; sub 8:00‐15:00; ned 8:00‐13:00

Radi samo sezonski


Trg hrvatskih branitelja 2, Karlovac 47000
Tel: 047/416649

pon-pet 8:00-16:00 sub 7:00‐14:00 ned 7:00‐12:00


Kaptol 12, Zagreb 10000
Tel: 01/4814593

pon-pet 11:00‐18:00; sub 8:00‐13:00


T.C. Jarun, Pakoštanska 5, Zagreb 10000
Tel: 01/3697868

pon-pet 8:00‐20:00; sub 8:00‐15:00; ned 8:00‐13:00


Dr. F. Tuđmana 62, Ilok 32236
Tel: 032/590132

pon-pet 7:00‐20:00; sub 7:00‐20:00


Ilica 271/1a, Zagreb 10000
Tel: 01/3751410

pon-pet 8:00‐15:00 sub 8:00‐13:00

Hypo centar

Josipa Marohnića 3, Zagreb 10000
Tel: 01/6117589

pon-sub 10:00‐17:00


Gajnice 36, Zagreb 10000
Tel: 01/3462650

pon-pet 8:00‐15:00 sub 8:00‐14:00 ned 8:00‐12:00


Tržnica Dubrava, Koledinečka bb, 10342 Zagreb
Tel: 01/2930930

uto-sub 08:00-15:00 ned 8:00‐12:00


Dubrava 242, Zagreb 10342
Tel: 01/2923309

pon-pet 12:00‐19:00; sub 8:00‐13:00


Dolac 2, Zagreb 10000
Tel: 01/4845324

pon-pet 7:30‐14:30; sub 7:00‐14:00; ned 7:00‐12:00


Šetalište kneza Branimira bb, Biograd 23210
Tel: 023/385512

pon-pet 7:00‐14:00 sub 7:00‐12:00

Radi samo sezonski


Zadarska 4, Zaton 23232
Tel: 021/214987

pon-pet 8:00-19:00; sub 8:00-19:00; ned 8:00-14:00

Radi samo sezonski


Tržna 1, Zaprešić 10290
Tel: 01/3312891

pon-sub 07:00-14:00 ned 7:00‐12:00


Dalmatinskog Sabora 3, Zadar 23000
Tel: 023/250826

pon-pet 8:00‐20:00; sub 8:00‐14:00; ned 8:00‐12:00


Vrapčanska 13, Zagreb 10000
Tel: 01/3463762

pon-pet 8:00‐20:00; sub 8:00‐15:00; ned 8:00‐13:00


Ćirila i Metoda 2, Vodice 22211
Tel: 022/441706

pon-sub 9:00‐21:00 ned  9:00‐15:00

Radi samo sezonski


Hrvatskih žrtava 1a, Vinkovci 32100
Tel: 032/340067

pon-sub 8:00‐20:00

Velika Gorica

Tržni centar, Velika Gorica 10410
Tel: 01/6260298

pon-pet 7:30-17:00 sub 7:00-14:00 ned: 7:00-12:00


Barčev trg 1, Zagreb 10000
Tel: 01/ 6586437

pon-pet 8:00‐16:00 sub 8:00‐14:00 ned 8:00‐12:00


Nova cesta 128, Zagreb 10000
Tel: 01/3010317

pon-pet 8:00‐20:00; sub 8:00‐15:00; ned 8:00‐13:00

Split II

Palmotićeva 1, Split 21000
Tel: 021/745172

pon-pet 8:00‐20:00; sub 8:00‐16:00

Split I

Plinarska 29, Split 21000
Tel: 021/394518

pon-pet 8:00‐20:00; sub 8:00‐14:00; ned 8:00‐12:00


D. Cesarića 71, Zagreb 10000
Tel: 01/3878453

pon-pet 8:00‐20:00; sub 8:00‐15:00; ned 8:00‐13:00

Slavonski Brod

I. Gundulića 12, Slavonski Brod 35000
Tel: 035/409623

pon-pet 7:00‐19:00; sub 7:00‐15:00; ned 8:00‐12:00


Trg Josipa Mađerića 28, Sisak 44000
Tel: 044/540256

pon-uto 8:00‐14:00; sri-pet; 7:00‐14:00; sub 7:00‐14:00


Sedam Omelića 1, Šibenik 22000
Tel: 022/335537

pon-pet 8:00‐20:00; sub 8:00‐15:00, ned 8:00-13:00


T.C. Savica, suteren, Lastovska 2a, Zagreb 10000
Tel: 01/6314211

pon-pet 8:00‐20:00; sub 7:30‐14:30; ned 8:00‐13:00

Radi samo sezonski

Samoborska cesta

Samoborska cesta 115a, Zagreb 10090
Tel: 01/3496792

pon-pet 7:30‐19:30; sub 7:00‐15:00; ned 8:00‐13:00


Lj. Gaja 15, Samobor 10430
Tel: 01/3377004

pon-pet 8:00‐20:00; sub 8:00‐15:00; ned 8:00‐12:00

Rijeka 2 centar

Ivana Zajca 4a, Rijeka 51000
Tel: 051/324190

pon-pet 8:00‐20:00; sub 8:00‐15:00; ned 8:00‐13:00


Classic wines

Appellation: Sophia and Chesta

Style: dry, crisp, harmonious

Packing:              In glass bottles with crew cap closures

In bag in boxes of 3,00 and 5,00 L

As bulk wine available only in our wine shops


Wines with the insignia „The original domaine bottled wines“ every day!

Classic wines are made of grapes harvested from our own appellations Sophia and Chesta, and a part of those harvested partly form several vineyard appellations of our long term family farmers in the surroundings of Ilok. These wines are dry, fresh and crisp and very harmonious that makes them a perfect choice for every day, matched with a wide palate of simple meat and fish dishes, pastas and salads. The wines are packed in glass bottles of 1.0L and in bag in box packings of 3.0 and 5.0 L volume. Wines for great feasts, every meal and every day!


Classic open (bulk)

Appellation: Sophia, Chesta and other appellations around Ilok

Style: dry, fresh, harmonious

Packing: open – bulk wine

Wines with the insignia „The original domaine bottled wines“ every day!

The open (bulk) wines are available only within our wine shops, making our beautiful classic styled quality wines with the signature of our wine cellar available for you every day. We pour the wines within a technology that keeps our wines in ideal conditions, similar to those in our wine cellar. The wines are chilled 8 °C and ready for immediate consumption matched with your favourite every day meal. No matter what the occasion is and the number of people at your table, rise your glass and enjoy fresh and chilled wine with the signature of the Croatian oldest and most awarded wine cellar! Wines for great feasts, every meal and every day!


Selected wines


Appellation: Vukovo

Style: Dry, light, refreshing

Packing: in glass bottles 750 ml with stelvin screw cap closure

Wines for every occasion!

The selected quality wines are made from carefully selected grapes, hand-picked on the appellation Vukovo. Quick and controlled vinification in inox vats for the white wines and our rose, to keep the freshness and the character of the varieties in each. The red gapes varieties maturing in large oak barrels in the Old wine cellar from 1450. After that, we select the best barrels and blend the two varieties in inox vats before bottling. These wines are fresh, crisp and harmonious, which makes them a perfect choice for everyday consumption, ideally paired with different cuisine styles, from starters and main meat, fish and sea fruit courses, to light desserts.

Wines for every occasion!


Premium wines

Appellation: Principovac

Dry, intensive, rich and elegant

Packing: In glass bottles 750 ml and natural cork closure

Wines for special occasions!

The Premium dry styled white wines are made from carefully chosen and hand harvested grapes from the unique appellation Principovac. These wines are intensive, rich and elegant, pronouncing their varietal character; with a powerful body structure they all have a great bottle maturing and aging potential. The right choice for special occasions, paired with fine cheese selection, white meat dishes, freshwater and sea fish.

The red dry premium wines are also made from carefully chosen hand harvested grapes of Frankovka (Blaufränkisch) and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties. Matured at least for one year period in barrique barrels, stored in our Old wine cellar form 1450 under special patronage and care of our great and passionate oenologist team. Deep ruby red colored, rich varietal aromas, powerful body and a great aging potential. Perfect for special occasions with fine cheese selection, red meat dishes and game.



Limited edition premium wines

Appellation: Principovac

Style: Semi sweet, complex and sophisticated wines

Packing: in elegant glass bottles of 750 ml with natural cork closure

Wines to enjoy!

Principovac limited edition premium wines are wines that we produce as special boutique wines, are created from grapes that were left a while longer after the regular harvest on specific vineyard sites of the appellation Principovac. Our oenologist are bringing their utmost knowledge, care and passion while creating these unique wines which value is respected by true wine connoisseur’s and gourmands. Complex on the nose and palate, a powerful body structure with a long finish. Perfectly matched with sophisticated gala dishes, fine cheese, dried fruit and desserts. Perfect and impressive. Wines that do not need to be paired with food to reveal themselves.  Wines to enjoy!


Predicate wines

Limited edition of predicate (sweet) wines made from Traminer variety

Style: Sweet, rich, distinct & unforgettable wines

Appellation: Principovac

Packing: in blass bottles of 375 & 500 ml, with natural cork closure

Wines to remember!

Predicate premium limited edition wines are Ilok cellars specialty. They are made from Traminer grapes that were picked in specific defined weather conditions after the regular harvest on the unique Principovac appellation. They were carefully created and aged in ideal cellar conditions under constant patronage of our oenologist. These sweet wines are sensational, rich on the palate, with distinctive and pronounced botrytis notes which make them an unforgettable sensation for true wine passionate. Wines to remember!