Call for the celebration of St. Vinko


In the last 20 years feast of st.Vinko or its celebration in Ilok has become an inevitable station on the calendar of every true vineyard.

And this year we celebrate the day of St. Vinko in the vineyards of the Ilok Cellars on Saturday, 20.01.2018. according to the mentioned program:

10:30 am gathering at the Vukovo – Pyramid Vineyard.

11:00 am the blessing of vineyards ceremony .

11:30 am Departure to the Vukovo economy, where to start carnival riding.

Snack (roasted bacon, sausage, boiled wine …) and enjoying in gathering with tambourines.

We invite all passionate wine lovers and followers to join us on the celebration of the day of the protector of the wine-growers and enter with us into a new wine-growing year.