Golden Sabatina for the Ilok Cellars


Sabatina traditionally collects wine growers every year at this time, so that they all together mark the end of another vintage, in the wine-growing year. So it was the last weekend at the 27th International Wine and Vineyard Meeting in Primošten.

With the aim of getting to know each other and connecting, exchanging experiences, educating and informing actual topics in the wine growing business, Sabatina has become an indispensable place not only for Croatian subjects who are related to wine production, but also to foreigners.

Except all the rolles mentioned above, Sabatina is organizing an annual wine contest with awards and recognitions for the best wines in several categories according to the rules of the contest.

This year more than 580 wine samples have entered the contest, from Croatia and from other countries. For us it was again a line of golden medal acknowledgements for all of our four entries.

The golden wines of the Ilok Cellars on Sabatina 2017 are:

  1. Graševina Premium 2016
  2. Chardonnay Premium 2016
  3. Traminer Premium 2016
  4. Traminer Principovac 2013.

Adding those to the rest 18 golden medals gained in this wine competition season,  Ilok Cellars confirmed its well-known and deserved status of Croatia’s most awarded wine cellar!