Graševina Velika Berba 2011 – Wine with a touch of the Adriatic


Packaging: 0,75l • Category: supreme quality (premium) wine • Region: The Croatian Danube • Wine sub region / wine hills: Syrmia /Srijem • Variety: 100% Graševina

A wine with intensive yellow color with golden reflections.. In the aromatic profile the variety specific aromas are still very present, nice minerality  and complexity with pronounced fruitiness. In taste rich, elegant with distinct bitter – sweet, very soft and unique finish, which is the result of the discreet touch of the Adriatic Sea. The salt and waves are lightly present only on the cork. Each bottle surface wears a unique design, created with the dance of the waves, salt and Adriatic winds: Maestral, Tramontana, Bura and Jugo.

 A great wine for great moments, indeed!




Perfect for special occasions, pair with white meat courses, noble fish and sophisticated cheese selection

     Serving temperature

10 do 12°C



  • From 23. 09. 2011 to 23. 12. 2011 – maturing on fine yeast
  • From 24. 12. 2011 to 24. 12. 2014. – aging in 5000 L oak barrels in ideal conditions of  the Old Wine Cellar from 1450.
  • From 3. 01. 2015 to 3. 12. 2015 – further  maturing in glass bottles in the Old Wine  Cellar
  • Since 5. 12. 2015 – available on request and continues to mature in ideal conditions of the Old Wine Cellar under constant patronage and nurturing of our Head enologist Vera Zima 
  • 1100 bottles from 5. 08. 2018. to  3. 08. 2019. maturing in the Adriatic Sea