International challenge Gilbert & Gaillard: golden news from France


NEW VINTAGE 2020 of Ilok cellar PREMIUM wines accompanied by Traminca Principovca 2019 are once again proving their excellence and great potential. This time on international challenge Gilbert & Gaillard in France!

Two gold and two double gold medals just came from prestigeus International wine challenge Gilbert & Gaillard:

·Graševina premium 2020 – gold medal

·Traminac premium 2020 – 90 pt & double gold medal

·Chardonnay premium 2020 – 90 pt & double gold medal

·Traminac Principovac 2019 – gold medal

Seven world-wide significant wine professionals are having bling wine tasting during the whole year.

What makes this wine challenge special is the fact that is is going on during the whole year and evaluates more than 18 000 wine samples per year by the highest international standards.

Ilok cellars once again proves its excellence and title of the most-awarded wine cellar in Croatia. These golden medals position our wines right next to the best wines from around the globe.