Principovac Summer residence and estate Principovac

Principovac – a unique single vineyard appellation & summer residence of the Odescalchi family

Near the centre of the historic town of Ilok, on the landscape hill offering stunning views of Ilok, Srijem and Backa, lies the Principovac Castle and Estate that was built in 1864th as summer residence of the Odescalchi family – The Dukes of Ilok, who stayed here during hunting seasons and grape harvestings. Whether you are a true wine connoisseur or you’re just on your way to become one, when you taste the royal Traminer and Graševina from Principovac in different styles you’ll realize that wine is here much more than a profession – it is a lifestyle.

Inside the restored castle of Odescalchi family is the Principovac restaurant, which has a rich gourmet offer – new age cuisine that is based on indigenous ingredients, flavours of the Croatian Danube and Slavonia prepared in a sophisticated way serving each course with a glass of wine chosen from our rich wine offer.

The Odescalchi summer residence offers accommodation in our luxury and modern designed ☆☆☆☆, apartments and one 120m2 De Lux Residential Suite, surrounded by vineyards. The apartments provide comfort and privacy, silence and amazing views. Principovac Summer Residence is offering additional open air recreation facilities. Beside the tennis and badminton courts, playgrounds for children and soon to be opened freshwater fish aquarium, there are 8 km of wine roads ideal for running, romantic walks, bike rides, moped rides or electric car rides through the vineyards. Barbeque points and small wood houses are available in several points though the estate vineyards ideal to spend time in nature for couples, families, and friend gatherings.

For those who are passionate golf players or those who want to experience their first golf steps, there is a covered golf shutting place with 3 holes. Teaching lessons can be organised and provided by prior reservation.

We provide special offers for team building activities and games that are good for raising the competition spirit amongst colleagues are good for establishing friend relationships amongst employees within a company.

A panorama elevator inside of the Odescalchi castle lifts you up to a glass viewpoint from where you can enjoy the view on endless vineyards and soft wavy hills of Fruška gora that are heading towards the Danube. Horizon with calming effects enjoyed with a glass of wine, food and ambiance, evokes hedonistic impulses, making you feel somehow aristocratic…

If you are visiting Principovac in spring time, please do not hesitate to ask for a glass of our excellent premium rosé sparkling wine “Princeps”, classic method, made from Frankovka variety (Blaufränkisch) with strawberries picked in our own garden or other season fruits if you visit us in other parts of the year, also from our own fruit garden. Experience our Traminer in 8 different styles paired with dishes from your own choice or our chef’s recommendation. And if you seek for something that you haven’t tried before, try our “Princeps cake”, a homemade and flavour free unique recipe is also a chapter in our unique and special wine destination and wine story.

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