Traminer Selected berry harvest 2012. Bonavita 2017. Champion!


The tourist-economic manifestation of the wine-growers of Slavonia and Baranja “Bonavita” has been held continuously since 1988 and is of great importance to all the producers and wine lovers of the East of our country. The main purpose of the “Bonavita” is to improve the quality of wine production and to promote cultural and moderate consumption of wine, as well as to raise the wine culture of producers and consumers of wine.

This year’s Bonavita brought together many wine producers from Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem, and the expert commission selected the best wines among the 135 samples.

In a big and strong competition, Ilok Cellars Traminer once again proved that it is the most awarded wine of Croatia, or more precisely, Traminer Selected berry harvest 2012 won a championship title with a total of 93 points!

It should be noted that the Ilok Cellars two years ago also won the championship title but with their dry Traminer, while Traminer Selected berry harvest is a predicate wine! Precisely because of the fact that Ilok cellars cultivate Traminer’s production in 8 categories, we are proud of the fact that each of these wines wins prizes in their category and is recognized by professionals as well as consumers.

That the wines of the Ilok Cellars are special, prove the numerous medals won in the most prestigious world wine competitions. Our most awarded brand are wines from the Traminer variety that has just found Ilok in the best conditions for its growth. Ilok Cellars Traminer became known all over the world after being served on the celebration of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. It is the Ilok Cellars Traminer which is the most prized Croatian wine and thanks to it, Ilok Cellars are the most prized Croatian cellar and the only Croatian wine cellar marked on the European wine map.