Frankovka conquers croatian palates


The Frankovka variety at our appelations truly shows its greatest potential. These days it has been proven by two national competitions.

Within The Flute Stars Competition the titele “Croatian best pink sparkling wine” goes to our sparkling wine Princeps vintage 2019.

“Iločki podrumi Princeps” pink sparkling wine, first time released back in 2009, was the countries first sparkling wine made of Frankovka grape variety created with classical method of additional fermentation and 12 months maturing on fine yeasts, limited edition production, only from best vintages.

The jury consisted of five croatian wine experts. The competition was organized by Ana Rogač and Ivo Kozarčanin, founders of the iVino project.

Frankovka premium 2019 won the silver medal at the 4th International Frankovka competition, organised by Enosophia in Feričanci. The jury consisted of eight top oenologists, certificated sommeliers and heads of wine production from Croatian, Hungarian, Serbian and Slovenian wineries. They evaluated wines with the 100-points method. In the competition there were 54 wines from Croatia, Hungary, Austria and Serbia.