[11. Wine nights] Spend Friday, August 25th, tasting wines from Iločki podrumi.

11. Wine nights Spend Friday, August 25th, tasting wines from Iločki podrumi.

Once again this year, on the eve of the 56th Ilok Grape Harvest Festival, on Friday, August 25th, in the enchanting summer ambiance of the terrace of the Old Cellar, in the shade of centuries-old walnut and hazelnut trees, we will enjoy the 11th Wine Night. This wine and music event revives the past, allows us to savor divine drops, and awakens the hedonist within us.

Starting at 9:00 PM, visitors of the 11th Wine Night will be able to indulge in 7 selected wines from Ilok Cellars, which they will taste at tasting stations. Accompanied by the sounds of jazz performed by the Sing Song Swing band, the distinct eno-gastronomic offerings of the Stari Podrum restaurant, and guided by our hosts, you will become familiar with the rich history and long tradition of wine production, taking a tour through the old wine cellars dating back to the year 1450. After midnight, a pleasant surprise is being prepared for all visitors.

Ilok Cellars have turned this wine and music event into a tradition, and this owes much to our dear friend and collaborator, the late Ivica Miličević, the longtime director of the Ilok Tourist Board office.

Wine Night is dedicated to Ivica, with a lasting memory of a dear friend, an excellent collaborator, and a great expert in the tourism industry. The concept and name of the event were conceived by Ivica himself, and in our joint efforts, we developed and perfected Wine Night, driven by the desire for this night to be different from all previous events in Ilok. We have undoubtedly succeeded in that, as proven by the positive reactions of all visitors and guests so far, including locals, those from the nearby region, as well as those who come from distant parts of Croatia and abroad, staying the entire weekend in Ilok.

We invite all who enjoy relaxing with top-notch wines, intertwined with the power of the Danube and a two-thousand-year-long tradition, excellent gastronomic offerings, good music, and a return to history, to come to Ilok on the last weekend of August and the first weekend of September for the traditional 11th Wine Night and the 56th Ilok Grape Harvest Festival.

The ticket price is €20. For all inquiries and reservations, contact: staripodrum@ilocki-podrumi.hr or tel. 032 590 088.

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