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Discover the Croatian Danube with Iločki podrumi

Wines reflecting the power of the mighty Danube, the pride of over two millennium’s old tradition and the character of the unique terroirs of Principovac and Vukovo! Originality and elegance confirmed with platinum, gold, silver and bronze medals of the most influential international wine competitions signed by true wine authorities!

Our brand Ilok Cellars (Iločki podrumi) are guardians of Croatian wine tradition that dates back more than two millennium when it comes to our vineyard appellations Principovac and Vukovo.

The Old Wine Cellar built in 1450 is the first originally purpose built wine cellar in this part of Europe. We are part of the undiscovered story of the old wine world in

which the Odescalchi family was putting a striking mark in the process of creating great wines, based on the selection of best appellations, noble varieties, new technologies and original domain filling – bottling on on their property. Two centuries later, this „so called Odescalchi model“ became an example that was followed by other great names in the past and present wine order.

The Ilok Cellars Traminer premium wine was served at the celebration of the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Through history until nowadays our wines made from Traminer and Graševina variety carrying the insignia of “the original domain bottling” are the most award winning wines of Croatia, whose originality and elegance are confirmed by platinum, gold, silver and bronze of the most influential international wine authorities!

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