[Lions vineyard of kindnes] Kindness to knowledge and vocation

Lions vineyard of kindnes Kindness to knowledge and vocation

In 2018, the Lions Club Zrinjevac Zagreb district 126 and Ilok Cellars started with the humanitarian project Lions – the Vineyard of Goodness, which aims to present the humanitarian way of working of the Lions organization in the environments where the Lions clubs operate.

Sensitizing the public to the usefulness of humanitarian action, in order to encourage education, creativity, and excellence, as well as help socially and health-impaired individuals and groups.

The project works in such a way that:

Any member or friend of the Lions (it is not necessary to be a member of the Lions club) can become godfather/godmother of one (or more) vines. With this act, he undertakes the obligation during the next ten years to “care for and maintain” his vine by donating €10.00 per year.

Being the best man each donor pays €60.00 and thereby acquires the right to a stainless steel plate with his/her name and surname that we put on your vine, a gift certificate about grant of godparenthood, 6 bottles of top-quality Traminac from Ilok Cellars called “lions anima”.

After 5 years of activity, we summarize:

  • We have over 300 godparents from all over the world (USA, England, Serbia, Hungary, Estonia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Croatia)
  • We donated around €6,700 to the secondary viticulture school in Ilok for the purchase of viticulture equipment and student scholarships.
  • Every year, in September, the godfathers gather in Ilok to give a donation, pick grapes from their vines and, of course, get to know Srijem and Ilok, these still undiscovered wine destinations.

The Lions Goodness Vineyard is located in the heart of the Vukovo wine-growing area, at the “Pyramid” lookout point.