[Destination] A note to all tourist groups

Destination A note to all tourist groups

Dear travel organizers,

Iločki podrumi d.d. (Ilok Cellars JSC) inform all organizers of tourist trips, tourist tours and tours to announce their arrivals, with large groups of visitors, to Ilok, to the pastoral estate Principovac or Old Cellar, at least 5 days in advance in order to avoid unexpected crowds or the inability to provide services to a group of tourists.

This especially applies to weekends. Namely, various events are often held in our tourist facilities, such as wedding and other receptions, baptisms, confirmations of television filming and the like, when the outdoor and indoor spaces are leased.

We kindly ask that in the future, please feel free to announce all group visits on the phone number 032 590 088 or by e-mail at staripodrum@ilocki-podrumi.hr

Thank you for understanding!
Your Iločki podrumi d.d.