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Iločki Podrumi – About us

Iločki Podrumi (ILOK CELLARS) are located on the right bank of the river Danube, in the most easterly located town of Republic of Croatia, in Ilok, the town of antiques and wines. Here, we continue the two thousand year old tradition of vine cultivation and wine production of high quality wines from local varieties planted on vineyard sites covering the wavy plateaux of Western slopes of the Fruška Gora Mountain, heading towards the mighty Danube.

We have a total annual production of around 4 million litres of wine, produced from 990 ha of vineyards (330 ha from own vineyards and, 660 from cooperative farmers).

Beside our core business of vine cultivation and wine production, Iločki Podrumi are leading the way in developing and caring out the authentic and unique tourism and gastronomy potentials of this part of Croatia, by creating an attractive wine tourism destination. In the last few years, the company has developed its own wine shop chain throughout the country.

Iločki Podrumi is a shareholders’ company and the major shareholder is Mr.Juraj Mihaljević, with approximately 250 employees, thus a medium sized company. Company capital is 92,625 mil. kn (12.350 mil. €), and equity is estimated to 200 mil. kn (over 26.500 mil. €).

Ilok has a unique terroir, with varietals that achieve their utmost in different styles of wines under one brand, with dedicated employees, state of the art technology and continuous quality improvements in all aspects of our activities. This has culminated in us being the region’s leading and most important growing and development vehicle. Countless awards across most influential and important national and international wine competitions contribute to this. We are the only Croatian wine cellar marked on Europe’s vine roads and wine cellar.

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