The convention – wedding venue “Princeps” is situated near the summer residence castle of the Odescalchi family in the middle of the unique vineyard appellation Principovac.

This special place is perfect for special events of different characters and types. Because of the ambience and beauty of this place the convention venue is mostly used unforgettable and amazing wedding receptions.

Our dedicated team provides professional advices and service in all that includes a professional event management support according to your budget and even more! Here your wishes and dreams come true.

The convention venue is well equipped with round tables, band stage, large dancing podium and colour light show equipment, gives the space inside and outside a special atmosphere. Our service is skilled and high professional. We offer a wide choice of different aperitifs and of course a exceptional wine choice. They give advices which wine is the perfect choice for each meal from the chosen menu. All menus are created with a lot of dedication and love from our chefs, taste and look special to make your reception complete.

The convention- wedding venue “Princeps” capacity is suitable for comfortable spacing of up to 500 people at once. Parking space is secured.

The nearby situated summer residence castle of the Odescalchi family, was built at the beginning of the 19th century was totally reconstructed in 2009 has now a days one of the most beautiful estate gardens in Croatia with its panorama view on the romantic Danube and vineyard sites contribute to a special feeling of this unique place.

We offer 5 ☆☆☆☆ modern designed and comfortable apartments with one luxury presidential suite 120 m2 space, on the appellation Principovac, located between the convention venue and the castle on the estate. The luxury presidential suite is our special gift for the brides and groom’s first wedding night.

Additional accommodation venues are available in the medieval old city centre of Ilok, next to our Old wine cellars from the 15th and 18th century, that is a few minutes driving distance from the Princeps wedding venue. All 18 rooms are very comfortable, new renovated and well equipped in high ☆☆☆.

You are all kindly invited for a enjoyable walk through the past of this small most easterly located town in Croatia in its medieval old centre where its rich historical heritage is located. The Castle of the Odescalchi family, today Museum of the town Ilok, the great City walls and the beautiful church of St. John Capistrano, with astonishing views on the Danube and it’s amazing story that was in the turbulent past and nowadays bonded to wine. Wine history has been made here over two thousand years ago. Wine was and still is here the most important growing and living potential. Let this undiscovered part of the wold heritage become a place to remember, taste this unique place with wines from rich soil and summer evenings at the most remarkable terroirs of the Croatian Danube and make your wedding stay a long-living memory to you and all you cherish and love. Go beyond your expectations, embrace the most important decision in your life and make it to an unforgettable source of happiness and joy.

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